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Villager sentenced on DUI charge after crashing Fuzzy’s Vodka golf cart 

Danette Skutak

A Village of De Soto woman has been sentenced on a drunk driving charge after crashing a brand new Fuzzy’s Vodka golf cart during a cruise around the neighborhood.

Danette Marie Skutak, 59, was arrested Dec. 4 after wrecking the specially tricked out golf cart at the intersection of Fudge Terrace and Caulk Court.

Earlier this month in Sumter County Court, she entered a plea of no contest to the DUI charge. She will lose her driver’s license for six months, has been placed on probation for one year and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.

When officers arrived at the scene of the crash, they found the overturned white Fuzzy’s Vodka golf cart which was equipped with oversized tires, according to an arrest report from the Wildwood Police Department.

Danette and Rick Skutak sit in their new golf cart from Fuzzy’s Vodka, hours before her arrest on a DUI charge.

Skutak “had troubling standing upright and was leaning on the roof of the golf cart,” the report said. She said she’d “hit the curb and flipped the golf cart.” A passenger in the golf cart identified Skutak as the driver and said that Skutak had been drinking prior to the crash. One passenger was taken by ambulance to Ocala Regional Medical Center. Another sought treatment at the UF Health The Villages Hospital Freestanding ER at Brownwood.

Skutak admitted she had consumed four vodkas. She had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and “staggered around and nearly fell when she was walking,” the report said.

Police attempted to evaluate Skutak’s condition by having her participate in field sobriety exercises, but the exercises were halted after she nearly fell over. Officers were afraid she would be harmed if the exercises continued. She provided two breath samples, both measuring .203 blood alcohol content.

Her husband, Rick Skutak, was surprised during a driveway party earlier that evening when a representative of Fuzzy’s Vodka rolled up in the decked-out Fuzzy’s Vodka golf cart. He announced that Skutak was the winner of the golf cart from a field of more than 11,000 entrants.

Skutak climbed aboard the golf cart and was soon joined by his wife. The happy couple hoisted what appeared to be Fuzzy’s Vodka cocktails, much to the delight of their neighbors.

The Fuzzy’s Vodka representative pointed out that the golf cart was set up for “off roading.”

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