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Cries growing louder for action on abandoned homes in Village of Fenney

Cries are growing louder for action on abandoned homes in the Village of Fenney.

Resident Nancy Young said she has been watching the deterioration of two homes – a designer home at 5751 Sea Grapes Way and another home in the Cypress Villas.

The villa was purchased for $168,600 in April 2018 by Christine Hurley, who received the property tax bill at her home in Conway, Ark. That same month, Hurley purchased the home on Sea Grapes Way for $583,700.

Weeds and grass are in abundance at this home on Sea Grapes Way in the Village of Fenney
Weeds and grass are in abundance at this home on Sea Grapes Way in the Village of Fenney.

Thanks to a little digital detective work, Young was able to uncover the apparent obituary for her deceased neighbor. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on May 17, 2019 published an obituary indicating that the 53-year-old founder of the Hurley Chiropractic Center in Conway died May 12, 2019 of “complications of polycystic kidney disease.” 

Weed are overtaking this home in the Cypress Vilas in the Village of Fenney
Weeds are overtaking this home in the Cypress Vilas in the Village of Fenney.

Now Hurley’s two properties in The Villages have been left in apparent limbo.

The Village of Fenney, which is located in Community Development District 12, still falls under the Developer’s purview when it comes to deed compliance.

Young’s frustration echoes the feelings of fellow residents who stepped to the podium last week at the CDD 12 Board of Supervisors meeting. Residents claim the Developer is shirking the responsibility of deed compliance, even as they live up to the rules they agreed to follow when they purchased their homes.

Village of Fenney resident Kim Ruppert said she has been so upset with the handling of an abandoned property in her neighborhood, she’s thinking of packing up and leaving Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

“I am probably not going to stay in The Villages due to the problems I have gone through with that property,” she said.

She said she got the runaround when she tried to get some action with regard to the property and aimed her anger at The Villages point-man on deed compliance, Marty Dzuro.

Ditto, said Young, who said she has attempted to contact Dzuro about the condition of the properties on Sea Grapes Way and the Cypress Villas.

The good news is that CDD 12 is poised to take over deed compliance responsibility from the Developer later this year. The supervisors will hold a workshop on the deed compliance switch at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 5 at Everglades Recreation Center. The public is invited to the meeting.


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