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The Villages prying loose financial details from former husband-and-wife sales team

Documents filed in federal court reveal The Villages has been prying loose financial details from a former high-flying husband-and-wife sales duo now on the losing end of a court case.

Jason and Angela Kranz once could have been considered the poster couple for young professionals in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown. Both were knocking down six-figure annual incomes selling dream homes for Properties of The Villages and they had four children enrolled in The Villages Charter School.

Angela and Jason Kranz

However, Jason Kranz and Christopher Day in December 2019 announced in a bombshell email to their Properties of The Villages colleagues that they were leaving to start their own real estate venture, setting off a chain of events that led to a federal trial earlier this year resulting in a $603,700 judgment against them.

In an effort to collect that money, Properties of The Villages is seeking to garnish the assets of Kranz, Day and their associates.

Documents filed this past week by Jason and Angela Kranz offer a peek into the couple’s finances.

In 2019, Jason Kranz earned $430,000 from Properties of The Villages while Angela Kranz earned $130,000. In 2020, he earned $330,000 from his new firm, KD Premier Realty. In 2020, she earned $5,000 from KD Premier Realty and $2,837 working as a hostess at Nancy Lopez Legacy Restaurant in The Villages. She took the country club job to keep their children enrolled in the charter school.

In 2020, the couple began liquidating their local assets:

• On Jan. 9, 2020 they sold a home at 1681 Nelson Terrace in The Villages for $285,000.

• On May 13, 2020 they sold a home at 596 Audrey Lane in The Villages for $276,000.

• On June 19, 2020 they sold property at 10441 NE 104th Circle in Oxford for $130,000.

• On Aug. 14, 2020 they sold a home at 1887 Pengrove Pass Court in The Villages for $201,000.

In addition, on May 31 of this year, they sold a 2006 Nissan for $8,000 to a Summerfield man.

Jason and Angela Kranz have relocated with their two youngest sons, ages 17 and 15, to a home at Lakewood Ranch in Bradenton. Court documents show they have a $500,000 mortgage on the new home and a monthly mortgage payment of $2,931. The couple’s oldest daughters, ages 22 and 20, are living in Atlanta and Tampa.

Properties of The Villages sought balances of the couple’s bank accounts and Angela Kranz’s responses show a number of accounts the couple has held over the past three years, including accounts at Citizens First Bank in The Villages, but none of the accounts today has in excess of $1,000. Most show a balance of zero.

The couple has $2.3 million in life insurance through Northwestern Mutual; $4,000 in home furnishings; Mrs. Kranz’s wedding ring; a 2019 Tesla Model 3; a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe; and a 2013 Hyundai Elantra.

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