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Friday, October 15, 2021

A few questions for all the Biden fans

To the Editor:

For the adults in the room, recent pro-Biden letters here have contained no supporting facts. Only exercises in psycho-social verbiage that address nothing. Let’s start with just a few items for the Biden worshippers to explain first and then we can move on.
Explain why:
1. After 18 months of orderly drawdown in Afghanistan with no casualties why scrap this plan, causing the deaths of 13 brave soldiers?
2. Why leave like a thief in the night surprising our NATO allies?
3. Why were our fellow Americans left behind with their children?
4. Why were 85-90 billion dollars of state of the art weapons, ammunition, uniforms and aircraft gifted to the Taliban?
5. Bagram Air Base: An $80 billion fully operational base of 30-square miles
with a hospital and 12,000 foot runway capable of hosting stealth bombers and any size aircraft. This base has more listening devices than all of Manhattan. It’s critically located 400 miles West of China, Iran and Pakistan. Our only eyes and ears in the region. Why was this critical asset abandoned to whoever?
6. Why were unvetted Afghans (terrorists?, communicable diseased?, criminals?) by the thousands allowed to leave before American citizens and card-carrying Afghans assisting the military? Why are terrified Americans still left behind abandoned?
7. Why betray our NATO friends and smear America’s reputation?
If unable to defend recent events maybe it’s time to change directions while we still have some freedom left.

Paul Endersbee
Village of Largo


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