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Friday, October 15, 2021

Biden can’t continue to blame former President Trump

To the Editor:

I have been reading all the political commentaries from folks bashing former President Trump and current President Biden, but the letter from Frank DeSantis calling Trump a fascist compels me to respond.
I suggest Mr. DeSantis carefully read and answer the questions posed in the Sept. 16 letter from Paul Endersbee of the Village of Largo, which cites just a few of President Trump’s successes and many of Joe Biden’s failures. We have hundreds of people from countries all over the world entering through our southern border who are flown to cities in the U.S. in the middle of the night. These illegals will never come back for their court dates! Fentanyl is coming through our southern border every day and people are dying! The drug cartels are flourishing!
Our gas prices are over $3 a gallon, thanks to Mr. Biden’s executive order stopping the Keystone pipeline and making us dependent on importing rather than producing oil.
He blames the COVID crisis on Trump. Another lie. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed gave us effective vaccines in months, not years. Biden just followed Trump’s groundwork! Now he is penalizing unvaccinated people and making masks mandatory!
The most recent disaster was our middle of the night sneak exit from Afghanistan, leaving behind thousands of people, including Americans, Afghan interpreters etc and over $80 billion in weapons, drones, helicopters, an airstrip, tanks etc. The biggest disgrace is having the military leave before the Americans and Afghans etc were safely out. Some are still stranded there.
Making “friends” with the evil Taliban is another Biden failure! They are TERRORISTS who kill and torture!
Mr. DeSantis calls President Trump a fascist which is a lie. President Trump accomplished more in his three plus years in office than President Bush and Obama, to name just a few!
Since President Biden took office on Jan. 20, he has done so much damage to our America that our grandchildren will be living in a socialist, most likely communist run country! He is told who to call on when he occasionally has a press conference and reads the answers to the questions his administration has approved prior to the press conferences. He has memory and cognitive problems and his temper flares at times! He constantly forgets names of people he is referring to and even people he is with!
He is unfit to be our President. The next two in line are probably worse!
President Trump isn’t and never was a politician! Yes, he didn’t think before he spoke out and I often cringed when he was talking The night of the election at 2 am, Trump was ahead by 700,000+ votes, yet by morning he was losing! Of course, he thought the election results were “rigged” and photos and videos showed instances of vote tampering! The millions of people who voted for him were outraged! I think his irrational behavior after the election was caused by him thinking but unable to prove the fraud allegations.
I remember newsmen like Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and several other “newsmen” who reported all the news without their personal commentaries and opinions. They did not get to pick what news items they would report on. If Mr. DeSantis is getting his slanted news from CNN and MSNBC, then he has no right to bash FOX News, Newsmax and OAN for their reporting of the news!

Jeanette Sullivan
Village of Buttonwood


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