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Villager ordered to get alcohol evaluation after found guilty of DUI

Christina Lynn Bullen
Christina Lynn Bullen

A Villager has been ordered to get an alcohol evaluation after she was found guilty on a charge of driving under the influence.

A final judgment was issued this past week in the case of 52-year-old Christina Lynn Bullen who lives at 3197 Dressendorfer Drive in the Village of Pine Ridge. She has been placed on probation for one year and will lose her driver’s license for six months. In addition to the alcohol evaluation, she cannot consume or possess alcohol during the term of her probation, according to documents on file in Lake County Court.

An officer found Bullen on Oct. 3 sitting in a car with the front driver’s window open in the Walmart parking lot, according to an arrest report from the Fruitland Park Police Department. Bullen became “extremely argumentative and uncooperative.”

A large bottle of wine that was about 25 percent full was spotted on the driver’s side floorboard. An unopened bottle of wine was in the same location.

The Virginia native was invited to perform in field sobriety exercises, but her poor performance led the officer to conclude she was under the influence. She was transported to the Lake County Jail and upon arrival there, she was found to be unresponsive. She was transported by Lake EMS to AdventHealth Waterman. Because a breathalyzer device was not available at the hospital, the officer suggested that a blood test “would be the least invasive and easiest option” to determine if she was intoxicated. Bullen initially refused to provide a blood sample, but when she was informed she could lose her license for refusing to provide the sample, she agreed to provide it.

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