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Non-citizens getting right to vote

To the Editor:

Citizens of The United States are endowed with all the rights and privileges afforded them by the constitution. One of the most precious and sacred rights is the right to vote. Obviously, the right to vote is powerful as it elects our leadership.
Apparently, all of this is lost on the legislature of New York City. They have placed on an upcoming ballot a law that will, if passed, allow non-citizens to vote.
AOC and other liberals, progressives and Marxists support this because, according to AOC, these non citizens are “ feeding us, cleaning our homes, … etc.”
The law will allow just 30 days of residency by these non-citizens to qualify them to vote. A rough count identified at least 800,000 non-citizens will qualify to vote of this law is passed. Apparently, the mayor elect, who was elected on a law and order platform, supports this bill.
This is a Democrat party initiative.
Why should we be surprised? Here’s just a few things the democrats support.
1. A country with no borders allowing human trafficking, killer drugs, criminals of all kinds, and COVID-19 and other diseases to pass freely into our country.
2. Subjugate our energy independence to the Middle East (we now beg OPEC to increase production and lower prices for our gas and oil) when we achieved energy independence under the Republicans.
3. Increased inflation at a pace that threatens our economy and places a burden on all Americans at every economic level as a result of Democrat-led green new deal initiatives.
I could name many more.
Some democrats have changed parties because their conscience and love for America is greater than loyalty to a party that no longer serves the American
Values that made it the greatest nation on earth.
We must rise up and protect our traditions and values from the tyranny threatened by the democrat party leaders at every level throughout our country.
Say no to George Soros, President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and others who are trying their best to send us down the road to Marxism. Vote to send them and their anti-American ideology to become a bad nightmare that didn’t exist l when we woke up and took action. The lives of our children and grandchildren depend on our actions now.

Larry Moran
Village of Mallory Square

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