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Connections with others make us stronger

Lisa DeMarco

Are you a believer? I am, and some people find me silly. I don’t care, though, as long as they don’t disturb my butterflies and unicorns. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an active imagination and a gift for storytelling. They say I have a talent for vividly describing rather unusual folks and events. People ask me all the time where do my ideas for my articles come from? Or, they want to know if I am concerned about running out of topics?

Both questions I can answer basically by simply saying, “I have an ever-flowing river of material.”

Every day I meet a new character – for better or for worse – that I immediately file in my head under whatever category my brain chooses.  I never really know when or if I’ll use it. But it’s there waiting. However, where my pen will take me each week, even I don’t know until I hear the voice inside my head or a faint whisper in my ear directing my thoughts to remember a specific kind-hearted soul or an everyday odd-ball I have stored in my treasure box.  

When my girls were younger, the DeMarco family was genuinely known for being a cross between the Addams Family and the Sopranos, which means that we were weirdos with dirty mouths. It also meant that we tended to attract and hang out with a unique group of highly lovable misfits. Which never seemed to bother us one bit. “Strangers are always welcome at the DeMarco home. It’s relatives that need to make appointments.” 

With that said, to all my friends and family, co-workers, customers, neighbors, Facebook followers, not to mention every beautiful being already waiting patiently for me at the “Golden Diner” in Heaven, I am most grateful for making your acquaintance. Not only because I immensely enjoyed meeting you but also for the stories you helped me create by allowing me to add you to my memory bank. Whether or not you like being on my list is not up for discussion. Unfortunately for you, you don’t have to remember me for me to remember you.

On that note, I really do need to make some new friends. While filling out my Christmas cards, which I needed to send early this year, knowing that if I didn’t, no one would have my new address to send me one. With my mom no longer with us, who seemed to own stock in Hallmark, it’s been hard enough to adjust to not getting all the usual cutesy cards I used to find in my mailbox year-round. So the thought of not getting any actual holiday cards to showcase on my Santa cardholder would be horrible. 

There is something special about getting a card in the mail that has been stamped and carried through the U.S. postal service to get to me. Instead of just a GIF a friend forwarded me on the internet.

Sadly, I should have asked Santa for a new address book for Christmas. The one I have is nearly 30-years old, and unfortunately, only about half the names inside it are still alive. 

So, as I prepare to indulge in my favorite part of the holidays, the feasts of “Roast Beast” and “Seven Fishes,” I will lift my glass to all of you. Salute! May we all stay healthy and safe through the New Year and enjoy our blessings, both big and small, because every day is a good day to be a great day!

Happy New Year!

Lisa DeMarco is a columnist for Villages-News.com.

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