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Friday, November 4, 2022

The Villages construction boom to include four new neighborhoods with 500 homes

The Villages construction boom continues unabated into the new year as the Wildwood City Commission approved plats Monday for four new neighborhoods with nearly 500 homes in the Villages of Southern Oaks.

Three neighborhoods mark the westward expansion of The Villages to U.S. 301 south of the Florida Turnpike.

The largest neighborhood of 193 homes will be along Meggison Road north of the turnpike.

Shaped like a reverse “L”, that development is located south of State Road 44 near Brownwood, extending south and west.

The 70-acre site includes areas designated as wetlands or for storm water retention, but the plat does not show any recreational or golf facilities.

Wetlands and storm water retention areas also are marked on plats for three neighborhoods along U.S. 301 between the turnpike to the south of Marsh Bend Trail. The Developer has reserved easements for utilities, landscaping, golf cart paths, bridges, fences, walls, entry features, signage and “enjoyment improvements.”

From north to south, the neighborhoods include 69 homes on 20 acres, 52 homes on 64 acres and 167 homes on 56 acres.

Aggressive home construction in Southern Oaks and other areas boosted Wildwood’s population to nearly 21,000 last year, up 200 percent since 2018.

The city added an average of 270 homes a month last year.

The city commission meeting was held at the Wildwood Community Center while the city hall meeting room undergoes refurbishing.


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