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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Leftist lies poison America

To the Editor:

George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose; not murder. Officer Chauvin is innocent and should be released. BLM and Antifa are communist terrorist groups that should be outlawed. The left tried but failed to lynch Kyle Rittenhouse for self-defense, but succeeded in lynching innocent white defendants in Charlottesville and Brunswick. Controlling the media, the Left has buried the black-on-white terrorist massacre at a Wisconsin Christmas parade.
The 2020 election was stolen from over 80 million Trump voters, so Biden and Harris are illegitimate — and clownishly incompetent — usurpers. There was no insurrection on16; only a Deep-State-led Fedsurrection that murdered Trump supporters Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland. Outside the Capitol, hundreds of thousands of Trump voters peacefully protested the stolen election, while in Charlottesville, American patriots peacefully protested Stalinist historical revisionism, and faced down violence from communist thugs, which boomeranged on Leftist Heather Heyer and others.
With Fauci’s help, the Chicoms concocted and spread the deadly China Virus. Illegal mandates pushing dangerous, half-baked, super-spreader vaccines are killing Americans and crippling the economy, while the White House withholds life-saving meds from white people. To clench power despite disastrous policies and poll numbers, the Dems use open-border illegals and voter fraud to “win” elections, and seek permanent power by unconstitutional “federal” control. The bottom line? Higher Ed sows poisonous Leftist lies in hapless young minds. Satan is the father of all lies, and the dean of Higher Ed; and his favorite lie is the strong delusion that all people are mentally and morally fit for equal and extensive liberty.

Winston McCuen
Landrum S.C.


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