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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wildwood approves 20-acre family housing project near Village of Fenney

A 206-unit luxury rental complex just outside the Coleman city limits was given the green light Monday night by the Wildwood City Commission.

Commissioners approved a comprehensive plan amendment and zoning change from agriculture to medium high density residential for the 20-acre family housing project, which is south of the Village of Fenney along U.S. 301 at Bigham Trail.

The changes were recommended for approval last month by Special Magistrate Lindsay C.T. Holt at a meeting of the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board.

Jose Kreutz, a partner with Luxury Leased Homes, said in December that construction would begin soon after city approvals are completed.

Water and sewer lines will be extended to the development and road improvements may be needed.

An environmental assessment last June found no surface waters, wetlands or flood zones on the property. The Enclave at Warm Springs will add an estimated 59 students to Wildwood schools.

A traffic study based on 280 housing units estimated the project would generate 2,076 daily trips. Entry and exit on U.S. 301 would be restricted to right turns only and full access would be on Bigham Trail.

Luxury Leased Homes was founded in Indianapolis about a year ago by Kreutz, who previously worked at Watermark Residential. That company developed luxury leased homes in the suburbs of Denver, Phoenix and Nashville.

The Enclave at Warm Springs is one of two major non-Villages residential projects planned near the Villages of Southern Oaks. The One Hundred Oaks project by Kolter Land Partners would include 411 homes and commercial development on about 120 acres along U.S. 301 near Marsh Bend Trail.



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