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The Villages
Monday, September 26, 2022

Population surging in The Villages thanks to new homes at the southern end

Nearly 5,000 new residents moved into The Villages last year, thanks in large part to the new homes being built at the southern end of Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

The Villages populations climbed from 130,897 in July 2020 to 135,638 in July 2021. The 3.6 percent increase ranks as the fifth highest among all metro areas in the United States.

The local population growth was driven by net migration, as about 7,110 more people moved into the metro area than moved out over the past year. Many of those who “left” The Villages during that time period had died. There were 2,250 more people who died in the metro area than were born over the same period.

Wildwood is seeing tremendous growth. In 30 years, the once tiny city is predicted to balloon to more than 130,000 residents, according to a proposed 2050 comprehensive plan.

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