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Apartments at Spanish Springs Town Square

Hugo Buchanan

Seeds of greed have sprouted endlessly within the gardens of The Villages hierarchy, for a decade or two; Or three . . . Our prior four year “adventure” as Villagers back at the turn of the century has left myself and my wife with many fond memories of our neighbors, the beautiful neighborhoods, small lakes, wildlife, Katie Belle’s and Spanish Springs Town Square.

And now amongst the decision makers, there are rumors of building apartments (to rent?) in the Katie Belle’s area of the square. Each apartment would probably require two (reserved) parking places, and the closer those places are to any said apartment, the better; as far as enticing prospective renters.

Prior to building home/moving to The Villages, we had received flyers in the mail about The Villages lifestyle, and Spanish Springs Town Square was always the headliner. Some folks seem to think that some decision may be simmering amongst “decisioners” to someday do away with nightly entertainment at the Spanish Springs Gazebo.

If you are wanting to do away with Spanish Springs Town Square, as such, you are on the right track. But in future mailings of advertisements, how much moolah are you expecting from apartment rentals?

Hugo Buchanan is a previous resident of The Villages and now resides in Lady Lake.

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