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Teams compete in Florida Half-Century Tournament in The Villages

The Florida Half-Century (FHC) Tournament was held in The Villages on May 14-15.  The Frankie Brin (FB) Grey 70’s team went 3-1, lost by the tie breaker (head to head) with ITC Death & Taxes, and placed second in Bracket #3.  The team got off to a slow start in the first game against ITC Death & Taxes and lost 19-17.  Even with the slow start, FB came up with 10 runs in the 7th inning and had the tying run on first base.  That 10-run effort ignited the team throughout the next 3 games.

In the second game on Saturday, FB won over Duval St. Grill 11-9.  In the first game on Sunday against the South Florida Bulls, FB unleashed their bats for a 28-14 win.  In the final game, FB won over Sunset Grille 16-1. 

In order for FB to win the tournament with the 3-1 tie breaker, the Bulls needed to score at least 18 runs and lose their game to Duval Street Grill.  The Bulls got their 18+ runs, but won the game 23-21 in a thriller. 

John Ramage and John Rebardo did a very nice job handling the pitching duties. Other than for a couple of hick cups in the first game, the team played outstanding offense and defense. 

Leading hitters for Frankie Brin Grey:  John Rebardo (.857), 2B-5, 3B-3, 10 RBI, John Iorio & Dick Kanyan (.833), Dave Sacharski (.800) 2B-4, 3B, Reb Edwards (.786) 2B-4, 3B-2, & 9 RBI, Gregg Foster (.750), Bob Juhasz (.727), Ken Denby (.667) 2B-2, 3B, Dave Sellars (.667), 2B, 3B-2, and Floyd Williams (.625).

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