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The Villages
Saturday, November 19, 2022

Upstart challenger beats Congressman Webster in fundraising

Laura Loomer featured image
Laura Loomer
Congressman Daniel Webster

U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster’s primary opponent has continued to collect more campaign donations than the six-term Congressman, according to the most recent report by the Federal Elections Commission.

The most-recent FEC report published late Friday showed Webster’s GOP primary rival Laura Loomer raised $665,021 while Webster brought in $552,103 through June 30. It is unusual, that an incumbent Congressman is so far behind a challenger this close to a primary election, which will be held Aug. 23.

The FEC report shows that Webster received a large number of donations from political action committees. Several of these PACs represent special interest groups which clearly want to curry favor with the Congressman, who represents The Villages.

For instance, Webster serves on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and took in the following PAC contributions:

• The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association PAC – $2,500

• Embraer Aircraft Holding Inc. PAC – $1,000

• CEMEX Inc. Employees PAC – $1,000

• Nextera Energy Inc. PAC – $2,500

• Florida Transportation Builders Association PAC – $2,500

FEC reports show that Loomer had 1,029 donors while Webster had 282 donors. Webster’s donors, while fewer in number, tended to make larger donations.

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