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AAC to take hard look next week at future of Paradise Recreation Center

The Amenity Authority Committee will take a hard look next week at the future of the Paradise Recreation Center.

The recreation center on the Historic Side of The Villages was established in 1984. It saw a major renovation in 2006. It is a heavy center for activities and includes the Mark Twain Library.

The current floor plan of the Paradise Recreation Center
The current floor plan of the Paradise Recreation Center.

District Property Management has described the recreation center as “old” and “outdated” with “multiple inefficiencies.” For years, the recommendation has been a complete demolition and rebuild.

The AAC has been reluctant to take on too many major capital projects at once, but fresh off the rave reviews of the newly opened First Responders Recreation Center, committee members appear to be ready to dive into a new project.

The AAC will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday at Savannah Center. Among the topics to be considered by the AAC with regard to the future of the Paradise Recreation Center, is a resident survey about amenities to be included at the rebuilt recreation center.

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