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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Rick Scott’s ignorance of the Gestapo is unbelievable

To the Editor:

Rick Scott’s response to the lawful execution of a search warrant on Mar-A Largo to Gestapo tactics is disgusting! Mr. Scott’s ignorance of the Gestapo is unbelievable.
The Gestapo did not issue subpoenas and then wait for a response.
The FBI hauled off boxes of documents…..paper.
The FBI knocked on the door to issue the lawful warrant.
The FBI arrested no one.
Trump’s lawyers were there.
The Gestapo would NEVER allow ANYONE to plead “The Fifth”.
The Gestapo brutalized and terrorized PEOPLE…..not boxes.
The Gestapo stormed and broke down and shot open doors to gain entry.
The Gestapo hauled off fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers and ripped babies from their mother’s arms with brutal force; most never to be seen again.
Mr. Scott, I DARE you to speak to the few survivors that are left to educate you on their experience with Hitler’s REAL Gestapo! If my great-aunt (who survived the REAL Gestapo “tactics”) was alive, she would have two words for you…..and they are not “Happy Birthday”!
You were first in line to vehemently denounce the “Defunding Police”! Now you and Marjorie Taylor Greene are screaming for the DEFUNDING of the FBI and to ABOLISH the Department of Justice. Sounds a lot like Gestapo “tactics” to me!
The Gestapo hauled off PEOPLE Mr. Scott, not boxes!
Oh, I apologize. According to Marjorie Taylor Greene, it’s the “Gazpacho Police”!

Clifford Wendell
Haciendas of Mission Hills


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