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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Do we want commissioners who won’t listen?

To the Editor:

With the primaries being near, unless we want the same shenanigans to continue for another four years, now is the time to take a few things into consideration.
Dealing with the current Sumter Board of County Commissioners regarding the Northern Turnpike Extension, (which has been currently “paused”) I quickly learned they are in office for themselves, the special interest groups, and the developers who are getting endless permission (re-zoning, permits, etc) from the Board to build over every square inch of our fair county. They do not listen to the voices of the residents they represent, the very ones who voted them into office. Do we want a board whose members are NOT interested in working for the people, but only watching the proverbial carrot being dangled in front of them?
And, Villagers, do you recall the commissioners’ meeting where you plead with the commission to improve the portion of Morse Boulevard. where golf cart fatalities had taken place? And, how about the 25% tax increase imposed? Did these requests fall on deaf ears?
After numerous requests from county residents who are opposed to the building of the NTE, even though the commissioners in Citrus and Levy counties signed “No Build” resolutions, the Sumter BOCC refused to sign the NO BUILD Resolution. The NEW candidates running for seats on our board wasted no time into signing this resolution. They are Reed Panos, Andy Bilardello, Jeff Bogue, Sharyl Anderson, and Dan Myslakowski. It’s time to elect a new slate of county commissioners as the current commissioners are not worthy of our votes.

Gay Lynn Light
Tillman’s Hammock Oxford


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