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Entertainer Petrina’s golf tournament raises more than $6,000 for scholarships

Entertainer Petrina’s golf tournament raised more than $6,000 for scholarships.

The tournament was held Sept. 17 in The Villages.

The tourney raised $3,160 and an evening auction at Evans Prairie Country Club raised another $2,900.

The top finishers were as follows:

1st Place 

Pimlico Ronda Phillips, Deborah Testa, Debra Turney, Kelley Barth

Churchill Josie & Jeff Greenberg, John & Evette Kaska

Belmont Robin Schmidt, Chris Wiess, Nora Kimble, Jackie Yuski

2nd Place 

Pimlico Cynthia Muller, Jeffery Torque, Judy Smith & Michael Birch

Churchill Joe & Lori Phipps, Start & Donna Oats

Belmont Jill Schwartz, Kathy Fugel, MJ Walsh & Sandra Stopaz

3rd Place 

Pimlico Sue Diffenderffer, Jackie Dickson, Sue Fewkes, Sheri Wegner

Churchill Kathy Purdy, David Walls, Denise & Mark Woodland

Belmont Lois Schwartz, Abram Scherbekow, Pat Duffy & Tom Boylon

The Scholarship is named iSparkle and stands for things you can ‘do and have done’ to help others. 







L=Lift Spirits


Visit https://www.petrina.biz/isparkle-html to apply or to learn more.

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