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Ambush suspect transferred to prevent jailhouse chat with co-conspirator

Gracie Madison Lemke
Gracie Madison Lemke

A 20-year-old Wildwood woman charged with luring a shooting victim to an ambush with promises of sexual favors has been transferred to another jail.

Gracie Madison Lemke was moved Wednesday from the Sumter County Detention Center to the Lake County Jail.

She is facing charges including attempted second-degree murder with a weapon, robbery with a firearm, burglary, grand theft and tampering with a witness.

Lemke was originally arrested in January after the man had been lured to 4141 County Road 510 in Adamsville by Lemke who contacted him through Facebook Messenger, according to the original arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. She had promised “sexual favors.”

Lemke had been held at the jail in Sumter County along with alleged co-conspirator, 20-year-old Lauren Locher. It is clear that the court does not want the women to be in a position to coordinate their stories. Thus, Lemke was moved to the Lake County Jail as a “courtesy” to Sumter County. She is forbidden to have contact with her alleged co-conspirators in the ambush.

Gracie Madison Lemke and Lauren Paige Locher posted this photo of themselves on social media.
Gracie Madison Lemke and Lauren Paige Locher, from left, posted this photo of themselves on social media.

The alleged triggerman was 24-year-old Joshua Timmons, who was living with Lemke at the time the man was shot at a location just outside the Village of Marsh Bend.

After Lemke lured the man to the designated location, Timmons, who stands 6 feet 1 inch tall, restrained him while Lemke and Locher began searching his car. He broke free from Timmons’ grasp and as he was running, the convicted felon shot him in the back. The bullet exited through the man’s abdomen. He survived the shooting, but required emergency surgery.

Lemke, Locher and Timmons climbed into Lemke’s 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer and fled the scene. They had taken the man’s cell phone, but tossed it out of the window of the Trailblazer as they were driving away. They stopped for gasoline before heading to 305 Terry St. in Wildwood, where Lemke and Timmons had been living. When law enforcement arrived at the home, they spotted Timmons as he was attempting to burn clothing he had been wearing during the alleged ambush.

Lemke’s bond remains at $142,000. She has pleaded not guilty in the case.

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