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Villagers win big at Florida Senior Softball Championships

Multiple teams from The Villages claimed medals at this year’s Florida Senior Games Softball Championships, which were held in Leesburg over Labor Day weekend.

At least seven teams from The Villages were awarded gold or silver medals for their performances at the 2023 Florida Senior Games Softball Championship on Saturday, September 2.

Matches were held at the Sleepy Hollow Sports Complex, which is located at 277 5 Hollow Lane in Leesburg. Participants played multiple games in their age brackets, which ranged from 50 and over to 75 and over for both men and women.

In the women’s 50+ category, the Golden Players from Lady Lake took home the silver medal. That team was comprised of Nancy Pope, Kathy Chastain, Kim Yost, Sandy Civitarese, Teresa Guiles, Wendy Lupo, Lydia Willis, Maria Larangeira Vicky Case, Chris Weiss, Patty Ramm, Leslie Cameron, and Midge Ferraro.

Golden Players of Lady's Lake Silver medal in 50+
The Golden Players of Lady Lake claimed the silver medal in the women’s 50+ bracket

The Golden Players from The Villages took home first place in both the 60+ and 75+ categories. The players that comprised the 60+ team were Beth Bullock, Lynn Keane, Val Brown, Nancy Lee, Tricia Gill, Karen Malinowski, Tammy Quinn, Maddie Cunningham, Annie Lemelin, Barb Kimball, Diane Cassidy, Kathy Fairfield, and Chris Terrill.

Golden Players of The Villages Gold medalists in 60+
The Golden Players of The Villages won gold in the women’s 60+ bracket

The women that played on the 75+ team were Karen Adama, Tallee Miller, Ronnie Rump, Barb Lukens, Kathy Kryger, Karen Parrinello, Janie Girotti, Viriginia Rowand, Joyce Turner, Jeanne Hackett, Julie Bradley, Cindy Price, and Donna Levery.

Golden Gals Gold medalists in 75+
The Golden Gals of The Villages claimed the gold medal in the women’s 75+ bracket

In the women’s 65+ category, teams from The Villages claimed both the gold and silver medals. First place went to Sunny Beaches, which was comprised of Nanci Osbourne, Cathy Norris, Eugenia Ulman, Laurel Waters, Pam Napoletano, Diane Evans, Ann Courchane, Elise Delatore, Bernadette Schyvinch, Diane Cassidy, Lorraine Henderson, Shawnee Denbow, Paula Honest, Noella Roberts, Terry Thomas, Cindy McCarthy, Duska Adams, Patty Miller, Diane Gannoti, and Shirley Johnson-Webb.

Sunny Beaches Gold medalists in 65+
Sunny Beaches of The Villages claimed gold in the women’s 65+ category

Second place went to the Golden Players of The Villages, comprised of Chris Bowman, Deb May, Deb Talbot, Ann Smith, Reba Durbin, Nancy Gerry, Pat Sprouse, Cindy Collete, Terry Gaudette, Ruthie Weil, Barb Keefer, Jay Nemoda, Bev Underwood, Carolyn Oliver, Donna Levery, and Midge Ferraro.

Golden Players of The Villages Silver medal in 65+
Golden Players of The Villages claimed silver in the women’s 65+ category

Two additional teams from The Villages, the Trendsetters and Trailblazers, were both winners of gold medals in their respective recreational categories of 60+ and 65+.

The Trendsetters was comprised of Lori Bond, Judy Clapp, Laurie Esterlein, Mona Fox, Shirley Jones, Meredith Goodwin, Marilyn Pellicone, Sharon Rivard, Linda Soon, Margaret Salisbury, Judie Wright, Margaret Salisbury, Julie Wright, Cindy Chidester, Pam, Stutzman, Kathy Joray, Josie Lanara, and Wendy Lupo.

Trendsetters Rec champions at 60+
The Trendsetters from The Villages were champions of the women’s 60+ recreational league

The Trailblazers included Audrey Arsenault, Patti Bare, Denise Emch, Mary Hammel, Dinah Heidebrink, Genette Heinz, Sally Marshall, Ann Pirozzi, Lea Redford, Aida Elg, Maryanne Arcadia, Kay Anderson, patty baley, LaVonne Joyce, Rita Alisankas, Heidi Pearly, and Jay Nemoda.

Trailblazers Gold medalists of 65+ rec league
The Trailblazers took home gold for the recreational league women’s 65+ category

For local residents interested in joining a softball league, softball evaluations resumed for the fall 2023 season on Tuesday, September 5, at the Buffalo Glen Softball Complex.

For a complete list of the results from this year’s softball championships, visit the the Florida Senior Games or the Florida Sports Foundation online.

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