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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Officials should ask the residents of CDD 8 about what they think of anonymous complaints

Sandy Oberg
Sandy Oberg

I have lived in The Villages for 16 years and have seen how anonymous complaints have repeatedly hurt my friends and neighbors, needlessly.

I believe many times the people complaining do not even live in The Villages full-time or in the district they are complaining about.

At times It is “revenge” to hurt people they don’t like or feel have done something they didn’t like or believe a different way.

Personally, I watched my neighbors pay $8,000 to remove Landscaping that was beautiful and my entire neighborhood signed a petition for it to stay to no avail. All caused by another anonymous  complainer who definitely did not live in this neighborhood.

Regardless of the little white cross lawsuit, Community Development District 8 needs to do away with anonymous complaints. What a foolish thing, tarnishing The Villages’ wonderful  reputation.

It is becoming well-known who these individuals are representing Community Development District 8 specifically and how they are voting.

Here’s a suggestion….do an anonymous survey to see in black and white how residents of Community Development  District 8 feel about this matter and vote accordingly.

Sandy Oberg is a resident of the Village of St. Charles.

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