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Magistrate approves site plan for 3,700 more homes in The Villages

A site plan for up to 3,700 homes on about 1,483 acres in the Villages of Southern Oaks was recommended for approval Tuesday by Special Magistrate Lindsay C.T. Holt at a meeting of the Wildwood Planning and Zoning Board.

The property north of Middleton abuts the Lake County line east of County Road 470, also known as Central Parkway, and is bisected by Marsh Bend Trail.

This map shows the 1,483 acres where the 3,700 homes will be built
This map shows the 1,483 acres where the 3,700 homes will be built.

Owners are The Villages Development Co. and the Buffalo Hide and Cattle Co., an entity linked to The Villages. 

The bare-bones infrastructure site plan shows a substantial number of open spaces, wetland preserves and some areas designated non-residential, but lacks details about recreation and other amenities. It does not show interior roadways.

The Wildwood City Commission will take up the site plan at an upcoming meeting.

This diagram was included in the presentation to the magistrate
This diagram was included in the presentation to the magistrate.

Wildwood has authorized construction of nearly 50,000 homes south of State Road 44 in Southern oaks, which will nearly double the size of The Villages north of SR 44 when they are completed.

Eventually, The Villages is expected to reach State Road 48 at the city limits of Center Hill.

The Villages Land Co. has acquired nearly 16,000 acres in south Wildwood that is designated for age-restricted development.

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