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Sunday, April 14, 2024

DeSantis’ medical lapdog giving bad advice to parents in Florida

Miles Zaremski

There is a measles outbreak at a school in a county in southern Florida. So, instead of following unassailable and scientifically proven CDC guidelines to keep unvaccinated children exposed to the virus homebound for up to 21 days since measles is quite contagious, what does DeSantis’ personally selected state top doctor, Joseph Ladapo, declare? Parents, you decide what is right for your child.

You know, parents—who have absolutely no clue about viruses, childhood illnesses and their ability to spread quickly, medicine, and recognized medical standards of care—are the ones that can decide what is best for their offspring. Oh, and it is not just those children, it is other children who could become infected by those acquiring the virus not vaccinated.

I have been legally representing and writing about those in the health care field for over 50 years, so I know just a “little bit” (actually, a whole lot) about standards of medical care practiced and followed by noted and respected physicians. Joseph Ladapo ain’t one of them; he is only a medical lapdog for DeSantis. Yes, he cannot be trusted so don’t follow his advice!  Thus, if any of you reading this Opinion piece have grandchildren in Florida, how about telling your children to seek sound medical advice from their own children (your grandchildren’s) pediatrician or family physician?

Miles Zaremski is a resident of the Village of Dunedin.

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