Hole in roadway interferes with traffic in Spanish Springs area of The Villages

A hole in a roadway is interfering with traffic in the Spanish Springs area of The Villages.

The hole was created by a leaky storm drain which is located near the intersection of Avenida Central and Bichara Boulevard at the La Plaza Grande shopping center, just behind The Villages Golf Cars location.

A leaky storm drain reportedly caused this hole to open up at Avenida Central near La Plaza Grande shopping center.

The problem area has been marked with orange spray paint and barricades are keeping traffic away from it. The hole appears to be about 3 feet in diameter.

Barricades and cones block off the area where the hole is located on Avenida Central at Bichara Boulevard.

Lady Lake Town Manager Kris Kollgaard said it is not a sinkhole and that a crew from the public works department has been dispatched to make repairs.

A Lady Lake Public Works crew in June paved over a section of Avenida Central where a hole opened up near the El Cortez Gate.

This incident is eerily similar to a leaky storm drain that was discovered nearby in June on Avenida Central at the El Cortez Gate. The hole, which was initially believed to be about the width of a coffee can but was later discovered to be larger, was about 50 feet from the El Cortez Gate. It forced the closure of the road and the gate until it could be completely repaired.

The Villages has received a high volume of rain this summer, with numerous golf courses closed for “water dumping” in an attempt to bring down the levels in the retention ponds.