Monday, January 11, 2021
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Response to comments made by founder of Villagers for Trump

To David Gee:

Your explanation for supporting Trump is an insult to the God you propose to worship. When the Bible, in Isaiah 11.6, predicted a “little child shall lead them” I doubt she had in mind a 74-year-old who acts like a little child, and a spoiled brat at that. You seem to worship a person, an idol, a craven idol. Where did I read about that? Oh, right.
So did you applaud and thank God as the followers of the orange one destroyed federal property and threatened the lives of lawmakers? Was it OK to bring a noose to hang Pence? Was it OK that the nation you propose to love was almost overthrown by a bunch of sick, violent cult worshipers? Was it OK that, after the crowd followed his repeated plea to ‘fight’ and people were killed as a result, he said nothing? Was it OK that he said he was going to march up to Congress with them, then snuck back to the WH where he cheered on the violence and destruction?
You are not a dumb man. But you are a foolish one. Might I suggest a “come to Jesus meeting” — with your soul.

Marsha Shearer
Village of Belle Aire

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