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Trump compared to Hitler?

To the Editor:

My message to Linda Witt who compared President Trump to Hitler: Really? I’m in shock to have anyone say this about a President who has accomplished and done a lot for the USA, a free country I immigrated to in 1953, gladly escaping the history of Hitler, and the war I had to endure as a child. I just finished writing the story of my life “The Gifts of My Life”. One of those gifts is being able to live in the USA. I proudly sang our National Anthem at an NFL football game and two USA Tennis Championships. Trump compared to Hitler? Wow. Not so, but I remember a very previous Democratic president that reminded me of Hitler’s dictatorship. Unfortunately, it’s the Democrats who are looking to be the dictators of our future lives.

Dee Logé-Wacker
Village of Calumet Grove

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