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Homeowner complains of potentially violent situation with neighbor in The Villages

A homeowner testified Wednesday before the Community Development District 5 Board of Supervisors about a potentially violent situation with a neighbor in The Villages.

The public hearing at Savannah Center specifically focused on an out-of-compliance “Private Property” sign on the the fence at the patio villa owned by 64-year-old Carolyn Kalnitsky at 2595 Hialeah Ave. in the Hialeah Villas in the Village of Belvedere. A complaint about the sign was lodged July 14 with Community Standards.

The board voted to give Kalnitsky three days to take down the sign. If she doesn’t, she will face an immediate $50 fine to be followed by $25 daily fines if the sign is not removed.

The grass is overgrown and a 22Private Property22 sign is attached to the fence at Carolyn Kalnitskys home in the Hileah Villas
The grass is overgrown and a “Private Property” sign is attached to the fence at Carolyn Kalnitsky’s home in the Hialeah Villas

However, Kalnitsky’s neighbor, Philip Cohen at 2599 Hialeah Ave., said the problem is much more serious than a sign.

“She stands out in the street and screams at people. She is a menace,” Cohen said of his neighbor.

Carolyn Kalnitsky
Carolyn Kalnitsky

Kalnitsky made headlines last month when she led multiple law enforcement agencies on a high-speed chase which began in Marion County. The chase ended in The Villages with Kalnitsky allegedly wielding a yellow crowbar and threatening law enforcement.

Community Standards attempted to reach Kalnitsky about the out-of-compliance sign. She has not returned phone messages or email.

Cohen complained that there are sections of Kalnitsky’s yard that have not been mowed in a year. There have been five or six signs on display and she had a tent in front of her lawn for a month, he claimed.

“She is not mentally competent,” Cohen added.

However, Cohen said he is fearful of retaliation from Kalnitsky and that in the past she has thrown pots and pans into his yard.

CDD 5 Supervisor Reed Panos said he is concerned about what is occurring in the Hialeah Villas.

“This really does sound like a potentially violent situation,” Panos said. “I am looking at the bigger picture and wondering what we can do to de-escalate this.”

However, CDD 5 Board Chairman Gary Kadow said the action taken by the supervisors had to be limited to the deed compliance violation.

Kadow, a chaplain at the hospital who is also involved in numerous charitable efforts, said there are services to help residents who may be struggling with overwhelming issues.

Kalnitsky purchased her home for $190,000 in 2018. She receives the property tax bill at her home in Brookhaven, Pa. There does not appear to be a mortgage on the property, according to Community Standards.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Kalnitsky remained in custody at the Marion County Jail. She has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of fleeing law enforcement and resisting arrest. She is due for arraignment Sept. 21 in Marion County Court. She is being represented by the public defender’s office.

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