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Sunday, December 10, 2023

CDD 3 refuses to participate in renewed discussion of multi-modal path striping

Community Development District 3 has refused to participate in renewed discussion of multi-modal path centerline striping.

CDD 3 includes the Village of Belle Aire, the Village of Polo Ridge, the Village of Glenbrook, the Village of Sunbury at Glenbrook and the Village of Summerhill. CDD 3 falls between Community Development Districts 2 and 4, which both have opted to stripe their sections of multi-modal path. Both of those CDDs are in favor of a Villages-wide revival of a discussion of centerline striping for safety reasons.

CDDs north of County Road 466 can opt to stripe their sections of multi-modal path. The Project Wide Advisory Committee oversees the multi-modal paths south of County Road 466 and this past week PWAC showed a willingness to take a fresh look at striping and other safety issues regarding the multi-modal paths.

CDD 3 supervisors on Friday made it clear they are not interested in reviving the striping debate.

“We went through it over, and over and over again,” said CDD 3 Supervisor Steffan Franklink. “I don’t see why we would participate.”

His fellow supervisors agreed.

“We’ve been through this many times,” said CDD 3 Supervisor Gail Lazenby.

CDD 2 supervisor has change of heart about striping

CDD 2 Supervisor Barton Zoellner said he previously was opposed to striping. But he has had a change of heart.

He was traveling in his golf cart at night on the multi-modal path near Nancy Lopez Country Club in CDD 4. He was heading for his home in the Village of Harmeswood of Belle Aire. The striping in CDD 4 was helping him navigate, but then he traveled into CDD 3 which does not have striping.

“All of a sudden, you don’t have striping. It makes it hard to see where you are going,” Zoellner said.

CDD 2 supervisors agreed to send Supervisor Jim Cipollone as their representative to the meeting, for which a time, date and place are yet to be determined.

Community Development District 1 also agreed to join in the revived meetings of the Multi-Modal Path Discussion Group. CDD 1’s representative will be Supervisor Rocky Hyder.

Do you support the discussion of centerline striping on the multi-modal paths? Express your thoughts in a Letter to the Editor at letters@villages-news.com.

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