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Friday, August 19, 2022

Incumbent AAC member to face two challengers in bid for re-election

Amenity Authority Committee member Ann Forrester on Tuesday filed for another term on the board which oversees amenities north of County Road 466.

Forrester will face two challengers in her re-election bid in Community Development District 2. CDD 2 Supervisor Jim Cipollone and resident Richard Benson have also filed to run.

In CDD 1, James Vaccaro of the Village of De La Vista West has filed to run to replace Carl Bell who is not running for another term. Thus far, Vaccaro is the only one who has filed to run in CDD 1. Vaccaro has been in the news recently in leading fellow residents who are concerned about safety issues on Morse Boulevard.

Villager Edward Regan, a member of the Lady Lake Planning & Zoning Board, has filed to run for the Lady Lake/Lake County AAC seat, currently held by Sandy Mott. She was appointed after Lowell Barker stepped down for health reasons. Mott has not indicated she is interested in running for the seat.

The deadline to apply to run for the AAC is June 17.

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