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Kanye West urges Laura Loomer to call into Alex Jones’ show

Controversial artist and rapper Kanye West urged Laura Loomer to call into “The Alex Jones Show” on Thursday to talk about free speech and cancel culture.

Loomer, who came close to upsetting incumbent U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster in the GOP primary in August, was watching Jones’ show on the internet. In previous years, Loomer has worked as a contributor on Info Wars. Jones’ guests were West, who now goes by Ye, and Nick Fuentes, who has been described as a neo-Nazi and a white supremacist. Ye and Fuentes have been in the headlines after a recent dinner with former President Trump at Mar-A-Lago.

Kanye West Alex Jones Nick Fuentes and Laura Loomer from left
Kanye West, Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes and Laura Loomer, from left.

During Jones’ show, which took on topics such as cancel culture and Nazism, Ye suddenly announced he’d like to hear from Loomer, who continues to reside in Lady Lake.

“Let’s have Laura Loomer call in,” said Ye, who wore a black mask during the show.

Loomer, who has been texting with Ye in recent weeks, dialed Ye’s private cell phone number and was put live on the air.

Loomer, who says she is a “free speech absolutist” and has authored a book describing herself as the “most banned woman in the world,” said she is “sympathetic” to Ye who has been banned from Twitter and Instagram over anti-Semitic comments. Loomer, who is Jewish, defended Ye’s right to make the comments, even if she disagrees with them.

“Free speech is greater than all of us,” Loomer said.

You can hear a clip from the show here:

“As a Jewish free speech absolutist, I certainly don’t agree with Ye when he said ‘I love Nazis.’ But I will fight to make sure his right to say that is protected. The Supreme Court has already ruled that there is no such thing as hate speech. Free speech is for everyone, and we must always fight to protect the First Amendment,” Loomer said in an interview with Villages-News.com after the show.

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