Glenview Country Club restaurant to re-open under new management

The Glenview Country Club restaurant is re-opening under new management.

The restaurant was set to re-open on Memorial Day under the ownership of the Suleiman family.

The restaurant was closed over the weekend for some last-minute freshening up. The menu reportedly has been tweaked and the restaurant’s decor updated.

Glenview Country Club was closed over the weekend.
Mahesh Nomula

Mahesh Nomula, who runs two World of Beer locations in The Villages, has bailed out on the Glenview restaurant. He had been running Hacienda Hills Country Club restaurant, but that closed down in April. Angry Villagers, who said they had been promised country club living “for life,” packed the Amenity Authority Committee meeting earlier this month to speak out on the loss of the restaurant at Hacienda Hills.

The Suleiman family last fall took over the operation of the Legacy restaurant at Nancy Lopez Country Club. The Suleimans in 2017 took over Havana Country Club, which had been plagued for years by reviews from boring and unimaginative to overpriced and poorly staffed. 

The Suleimans also operate Johnny Rockets and RedSauce in Lake Sumter Landing.

Earlier this month, a man was arrested in the theft of a gun from the kitchen at Glenview Country Club.