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Rogue realtors satisfy judgement in Properties of The Villages lawsuit

Jason Kranz
Christopher Day

A group of real estate representatives who defected from Properties of The Villages and went rogue have satisfied a judgement against them.

A “partial satisfaction of judgement” was filed last week in U.S. District Court in Ocala indicating that Christopher Day, Jason and Angela Kranz, and Nanette Elliott have met the financial obligation reached in a settlement with their former employer.

The lone holdout is former Properties of The Villages sales representative Angie Taylor, who has indicated she is pursuing bankruptcy.

Last year in a federal trial in Tampa, The Villages won a $603,700 judgement against Kranz and Day, former top producers for Properties of The Villages, who broke away in December 2019 to form KD Premier Realty. They lured away fellow Properties of The Villages representatives, including Elliott and Taylor, who were also defendants in the legal case.

After the judgement was issued, Properties of The Villages filed legal action to garnish the assets of the former sales representatives. However, the former sales representatives did not immediately cooperate with the garnishment efforts. Day ducked a Sept. 3 deposition in the case set at the Brownwood Hotel & Spa. Jason and Angela Kranz, who have since relocated to half million dollar home in Lakewood Ranch, submitted information indicating they had very little cash on hand, despite selling off several investment properties they owned in The Villages.

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