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Facts and information about The Villages, including The Villages history, the history of the Morse family, and everything a potential or current resident needs to know about Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Villages 101: Singer Vince Gill turned Spanish Springs into an open-air concert hall in...

Country superstar Vince Gill is kicking off a world tour this weekend in support of his new album, "Okie." But did you know that Gill and his wife, Amy Grant, more than 15 years ago staged an open air concert in The Villages?

Villages 101: Beer-slogging eatery eliminated key piece of radio history in The Villages

Many Villagers were shocked in 2015 to find out that a chain eatery was going to push a Villages icon out of Spanish Springs Town Square.

Villages 101: What happened to the El Santiago Club that was so popular in...

The Amenity Authority Committee in July 2013 agreed to purchase the El Santiago Club from The Villages Developer – a move that came with a host of differing opinions and left at least one AAC member scratching his head.

Villages 101: What’s the truth behind urban legend of STDs in The Villages?

The year was 2006 and a Villages gynecologist talking about STDs was about to make a serious dent in the image of Florida’s Friendliest Hometown – one that wasn’t going to be welcomed with open arms.

Villages 101: What is the Spanish Springs tragedy of 2002?

The happiness of an annual Winter Wonderland festival at Spanish Springs Town Square was shattered by death and destruction on the night of Dec. 11, 2002.

Villages 101: Easter 2014 saw high drama as massive sinkhole had The Villages on...

Many Villagers probably aren’t aware that a massive sinkhole opened up in the Village of Buttonwood five years ago on Easter weekend and threatened to swallow two homes.

Villages 101: Does The Villages really hold a golf cart parade record in the...

Villagers in 3,321 golf carts came together in September 2005 to raise $29,500 for local charities and attempt to secure a spot for Florida’s Friendliest Hometown in a prestigious record book.

Villages 101: What role did Gov. Jeb Bush play in the history of The...

Florida's governor was supported by The Villages Developer and was the keynote speaker at the dedication ceremony for The Villages Charter Middle School.

Villages 101: Why did the buffalo disappear from The Villages?

Longtime residents know that late Villages Developer H. Gary Morse was a huge fan of buffalo and loved having them grazing in pastures throughout the community.

Villages 101: What is The Villages?

Most Villagers know a great deal about their individual neighborhoods and the people who live around them. But what do they really know about the overall community they now call home?

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