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Facts and information about The Villages, including The Villages history, the history of the Morse family, and everything a potential or current resident needs to know about Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Villages 101: What is The Villages?

Most Villagers know a great deal about their individual neighborhoods and the people who live around them. But what do they really know about the overall community they now call home?

Villages 101: Is it true that Sen. Joe Biden visited The Villages before the...

Vice presidential hopeful Sen. Joe Biden was all smiles in October 2008 when he and Florida Sen. Bill Nelson made an impromptu stop in The Villages for ice cream cones.

Villages 101: Was Mark Morse and his heir-apparent really charged with hunting violations?

Many Villagers expressed outrage after photographs of Developer Mark Morse appeared online with animals he'd killed.

Villages 101: How has Mardi Gras in The Villages changed over the years?

Many Villagers have no idea how much the annual Mardi Gras celebration in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown has changed over the years.

Villages 101: The day the King and Queen of golf played a special round...

It was a huge day in The Villages in November 2002 when the King and Queen of golf roared into Florida’s Friendliest Hometown for a special gathering.

Villages 101: Who was Sharon L. Morse?

Many Villagers aren’t aware of the important role Developer H. Gary Morse’s first wife played in the success of Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Villages 101: Who is the Morse Boulevard Bridge named for?

Most Villagers have no idea of the real name of the bridge on Morse Boulevard near Lake Sumter Landing. It's named for someone who played a vital role in the early days of The Villages.

Villages 101: How have swimming pools played a role in the community over the...

Many Villagers might not realize the important role swimming pools have played in the success of the community over the past 25-plus years.

Villages 101: Who is Pete Wahl and how is he connected to the Chili...

Pete Wahl, a dedicated Rotarian and 20-year government official in The Villages, was the brains behind the highly successful Chili Cook-off.

Has the atmosphere in Spanish Springs changed over the years?

The closure of two popular Villages-owned restaurants and a small bakery greatly altered the atmosphere of Spanish Springs Town Square many years ago.

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