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Facts and information about The Villages, including The Villages history, the history of the Morse family, and everything a potential or current resident needs to know about Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Villages 101: Developer H. Gary Morse picked up the tab for Customs Office at...

Many Villagers might not know it, but Leesburg International Airport has its own U.S. Customs Office thanks to late Villages Developer H. Gary Morse.

Villages 101: Paige Boone McCabe was destined to oversee polo in The Villages

There’s no doubt that Paige Boone McCabe knew what she wanted to do for a living at a very young age, having fallen in love with the game of polo as a child.

Villages 101: What kind of role did Gov. Jeb Bush play in the expansion...

Many Villagers might not know it, but they can largely thank former Gov. Jeb Bush for the expansions that have taken place at The Villages Regional Hospital since it first opened in July 2002 with just 60 beds.

Is TV star Megan Boone distancing herself from community that raised her?

The Villages' own Megan Boone got her hit television show in September 2013, and before long, it appeared that the 36-year-old former Belleview High School student was doing her best to distance herself from Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Villages 101: Villages Developer’s mega-hangar at Leesburg airport turned plenty of heads

Leesburg was abuzz in 1998 when it was announced that Villages Developer H. Gary Morse was planning to build the largest hangar in the history of the city’s airport.

Villages 101: Villagers thrilled when popular restauranteur saves Orange Blossom Gardens Country Club

Nostalgic Villagers were upset in June 2013 when their beloved Orange Blossom Gardens Country Club shut its doors.

Villages 101: Villages move into Fruitland Park drastically changed the small city

When The Villages purchased land to build homes in Fruitland Park, the face of the small city took on a much different look.

Villages 101: The day legendary golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez helped put The Villages on...

Golfing legend Chi Chi Rodriguez helped open Hacienda Hills Golf & Country Club in 1991 and quickly boosted The Villages’ image by saying the course contained two of his favorite holes.

Villages 101: Who was H. Gary Morse?

Villages Developer H. Gary Morse will always be known as the genius with the vision to turn Florida’s Friendliest Hometown into the much-lauded and biggest retirement community in the world.

Villages 101: Villages Honor Flight started taking veterans to memorials in 2012

What started out as an idea to transport area veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to them quickly became a reality in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.