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Suspicious wife who was angered by husband’s fresh haircut files for divorce

Rebecca Jean Cannon
Rebecca Jean Cannon

A suspicious wife who was angered by her husband’s fresh haircut has filed for divorce.

Rebecca Jean Cannon, 41, was arrested this past Saturday at her home at Oxford Oaks. It was her third arrest in alleged violence toward her husband. Two previous criminal cases were dropped at his request.

Mrs. Cannon was angered this past June 13 when she and her children arrived home from a trip to Lake Weir. She apparently became suspicious because her husband, sporting a fresh haircut, was already home from work and planning to go out to dinner at Bonefish Bar & Grill in The Villages.

Sumter County Court records show that Mrs. Cannon filed for dissolution of marriage on Tuesday.

Mrs. Cannon remains free on $6,000 bond after her latest arrest which reportedly included her banging her Cadillac SUV into his Mercedes-Benz, which she felt had been improperly parked in their garage. She also threw his phone into a toilet in the guest bathroom, according to an arrest report from the Wildwood Police Department.

She had been arrested Feb. 12 on a charge of battery after she fled in a Cadillac SUV from her home. That charge was later dropped and she previously escaped prosecution on a charge of domestic battery

Mrs. Cannon previously filed for divorce in 2020. That petition was was withdrawn on Sept. 9, 2021.

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