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OK Tom, let me explain why we need Trump back in office

To the Editor:

I am also a veteran and spent three years in the Army with a couple years overseas and as of now a Republican but have voted Democrat in the past, depending on the person running for office! I’d like to reply to Tom Berge’s question about “Why is there so much Blind Support for Trump”! He is concerned about the future of our country if Trump should win in 2024! I’m not sure if you’ve looked around at our country today since Biden has been in office!! Our south border is wide open since the first week of Biden and is a mess! The highest amount of illegals in 30 years, many people from countries that hate us and would like to do another 911 and by the way, that is a direct violation of our Constitution winch calls for closed and protected borders! Trump’s policies were the best border control in 20 years and the first week Biden canceled all of Trump’s orders and policies. Have you looked at our major cities lately and seen all the people living on the streets with the government spending billions trying to take care of Biden’s mistakes!
Trump also had the respect of our foreign adversaries which if you haven’t noticed we didn’t have any loss of Americans lives, no wars, no threat of a World War III, had control of the Middle East with the Abraham Accord peace treaty started that Biden also didn’t enforce.
Trump had Russia and Iran’s oil sanctions enforced which kept them without funds to go to war against Ukraine and Israel which Biden quit enforcing again and gave Russia and Iran the oil profits to start their wars!! For instance Iran was producing from 300k to 400k barrels of oil under the Trump sanctions and again after Biden took over it jumped to 3 to 4 million barrels a day! That’s why you have two wars going today but not when Trump was in office, because he is a strong leader who kept his friends close but his enemies closer, which is why people thought he was friends with Putin which is garbage he just knew how to control them!
I could go on like best economy in 40 years, low inflation, everyone was making more money and paying less taxes, people could afford to buy groceries and fill their cars with gas, low income people income higher than the last 30 years, stock market at all time highs with people’s 401’s at high and now with Biden down 20 to 40%, interest rates at 2.5% and now at 8% and people can’t even afford to buy a home and that’s just a tip of the iceberg that I’m blinded in wanting Trump in 2024!!
As far as the Covid he did a outstanding job in starting Warp Speed which saved thousands of lives and there was actually LESS lives lost from Covid during Trump’s term with vaccine only at his last month, and Biden LOST more lives with the vaccine all his term!! Might be that Trump didn’t panic the people by telling them how bad it really was, which was a smart decision and kept a cool attitude!! Also Tom did you notice that China and North Korea didn’t shoot off any missiles when Trump was in office but now they are doing it again. Wow I wonder why that is? Maybe because Trump was a very strong leader and Biden is the opposite and doesn’t know the first thing of how to negotiate or control our adversaries to keep peace in this crazy world!!
You mentioned how terrible the report came out from the Jan. 6 committee, who the news media made sure it was on most of the media, but funny they never seemed to mention the committee was made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans who hated Trump was put together by Pelosi… It was a Kangaroo Court which is so unfair and they hid any facts that would favor Trump and falsified much of the info and didn’t allow any cross examination of the witnesses, such as Pelosi office was actually in charge of the Capitol Police and refused to call in the National Guard until it was almost all over so the blame could be put on Trump! Long story but a complete disgrace how they tried to make Trump the fall guy, just like they are doing right now with these phony made up 91 charges! They are doing anything to stop him from running because the Dems are scared to death that if he gets in he will try to clean out the corruption in Washington including the FBI, Attorney Generals office etc!! It’s a shame that our top officials can be so one sided and corrupt and it has to stop before our country is like a third world country or worse!!
As far as the other points that Tom made, I feel that most of it is just the usual false news from the media but I do agree that Trump made some statements about certain people like John McCain and General Kelly that I wished he hadn’t, but I know Trump was at odds with both of them. Also about the election, again, I wish that he didn’t take it to the extremes that he did but in his defense I think he was so disappointed after doing a great job, he had a hard time in accepting defeat! My only point is I don’t know what happened in that election but I do feel that there was a lot of cheating going on and the reason I say that is because of the amount of ballots that was filed! The highest votes any president has ever gotten was Obama in 2012 which was 69 million and in 2020 Trump received 75 million and Biden 82 million which was more than 25 million more ballots than in any election in the past! Which makes me feel very suspicious that something wasn’t right with that many more ballots!!
Well anyhow this has been a long response and I didn’t mean to be so long, but really felt that it was important to answer Tom’s letter as to why I’m a Trump supporter and not BLINDED by TRUMP!! I feel it’s important to get the Dems out of office before we don’t have a country left and let Trump take over where he left off in 2020!!
Bring TRUMP back for 2024.

Ken Sulko
Village of Osceola Hills


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