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The Villages
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Appreciate the perspective of letter writers from outside The Villages

To the Editor:

I wish to congratulate Pamela Denham on her letter of Feb. 4 and Deborah St. John’s letter of Feb. 3 and others preceding in the same vein. My history of The Villages saga is 16 years years long and larger perspectives are appreciated.
For years we have seen thoughtful fact-filled letters immediately attacked with snide remarks like “you should leave if you don’t like it here’ etc. It would be nice to respect others’ observations, research, and specialized knowledge in order to learn something new. In addition, be grateful they have taken the time to share this with us, and respect their right to freedom of speech.
Something to complain about? How about this: The number of illegal immigrants, most of military age, crossing into Texas alone in December equaled the population of Orlando.

Paul Endersbee
Village of Largo


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