Murder suspect on the run since last year from Sumter County Sheriff’s Office nabbed with mother of his child

Sumter County sheriff’s detectives took murder suspect Larry Peavy into custody Friday afternoon at Wal-Mart in Leesburg with the assistance of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Larry Peavy

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that the 35-year-old might be returning to the area. Sumter County detectives set up surveillance and spotted Peavy’s child’s mother, Melissa Sturgill near her home. Detectives then followed her to Wal-Mart while coordinating with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Once detectives observed Peavy hiding inside of Sturgill’s car, they moved in and arrested him without incident. Peavy remained in South Florida, in hiding, until Friday.

Peavy is facing charges of first-degree murder and sexual assault, among other charges.

Sturgill was arrested by the Lake County sheriff’s deputies and charged with Accessory after the fact to First-Degree Murder, for her assistance in helping Peavy avoid capture.

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