Lake County corrections officer arrested with cannabis

Joshua Crotty

Joshua Crotty

A Lake County corrections officer has been arrested after cannabis was found in his vehicle.

Agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested Corrections Officer Joshua Crotty after conducting a traffic stop of his vehicle Wednesday night.

Agents had received an anonymous tip that Crotty was purchasing cannabis in the area. After an investigation of the allegations, agents conducted a traffic stop of his vehicle. A K-9 conducted an area search of the vehicle an alerted to the odor of cannabis.

A search of the vehicle revealed a mason jar in a rear compartment of the vehicle with suspected cannabis which field tested positive.

Crotty was arrested and transported to the Lake County Jail charged with purchase of cannabis over 20 grams.

Crotty has worked at the Lake County Detention Center since October of 2006. He is currently on suspension pending his termination.





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  1. Joe Gyomory says

    What makes everyone think he was using? All the drugs in the jails have to get there somehow, maybe he was just the delivery guy. Either way he should join the inmates for a few years since he betrayed the oath of his job.

  2. Carol Ford says

    Big deal, I have seen more people here that drink to much cause more problems than someone with a little pot. I agree with Richard, about as much of a problem as a small white cross. There are more important things to worry about…

  3. Richard Robinson says

    Oh wow what a crime. He should be locked up for at least 30 years. It is just terrible. It is on the same level as those people that put a white cross in their garden showing they are Christians.

    • Michele Marchese says

      Isn’t that the truth!
      Unless he was smuggling it into the jail.
      I personally see nothing wrong with those little crosses. It’s the upside down flags in people’s windows and political signs that need to go. That’s what bothers me in The Villages.

  4. Chip Griffen says

    Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa! The reality is he was probably slipping the willy to a cops wife. Otherwise, no way a cop busts a corrections guy….now, mandatory drug tests for ALL of them (it will be no surprise many cops pop + for “RX” opioids…)

    • James Radatz says

      No mater how you look at it, the human element is there and sooner or later, that bad apple will appear. However, 99% of these hard working members of law enforcement will protect you, regardless of your opinion.

      • Chip Griffen says

        That may be true, then again, any real man will protect any other person in need – at any time. No badge is needed to be a decent human being.

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