New non-denominational church growing quickly and meeting at Lady Lake school

A new non-denominational church has formed in the tri-county area and its membership is quickly starting to grow.

Connection Point, a non-denominational church, was formed in August and is holding services at 10 a.m. on Sundays at The Villages Elementary of Lady Lake at 695 Rolling Acres Road in Lady Lake.

The congregation of Connection Point Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m. at The Villages Elementary of Lady Lake, at 695 Rolling Acres Road in Lady Lake.
Pastor Jerry Roames greets member of the congregation of Connection Point Church recently. Roames is the former executive pastor at Village View Community Church in Summerfield.

Pastor Jerry Roames leads the congregation. He is the former executive pastor at Village View Community Church in Summerfield. Connection Point marks the third church he and his wife, Lori, have started.

Sid Bowdidge, who serves as executive director of Villagers for Trump, said for he and his wife, Jeannine, the new church means having a connection and commitment to God.

“It helps us to be in touch with the Holy Spirit to derive the love and direction we can all use through life’s struggles,” said the Spruce Creek resident. “It also helps us connect with fellow Christians who have similar values as we do. Pastor Jerry delivers a very powerful and inspiring sermon every week.”

Church members Sid Bowdidge and his wife, Jeannine, attend a recent service at Connection Point Church at The Villages Elementary of Lady Lake.

Bowdidge said he believes Connection Point’s congregation will continue to grow at a fast clip.

“There are 150,000 people in a 10-mile radius in the tri-county area that don’t know Jesus,” he said. “And 50,000 Christians that don’t attend church.”
Roames said the church’s philosophy is that “people matter to God and they matter to us.”

“Everything we do, from adults to kids, stems from that statement,” he said in a message on the church’s Facebook page. “We see the Tri-County area thriving with life, family, love, compassion, and faith all around us and believe that no matter what background you come from, your existence matters in all of it.”

Pastor Jerry Roames and his wife, Lori, started Connection Point Church in August.

Several of those in the congregation also offered their thoughts on the church’s Facebook page, which can be reached by clicking HERE.

“Pastor Jerry gives the best sermons!” wrote Erin McDonald Duke. “The people there are loving, friendly people. We are imperfect people coming together for the perfect love of Christ.”

Sharon Maxwell agreed.

“We began with worship music led by a talented sincere worship team,” she said. “We shared communion and then heard sound Biblical preaching. The truth was stated and we were challenged to be difference-makers through the power of Christ in us. No bible pounding, no harshness and no sugar-coated platitudes.”

Connection Point Church member Sid Bowdidge, of Spruce Creek, dons a large hand and ‘waves for Jesus’ outside The Villages Elementary of Lady Lake recently to draw attention to the new church that’s meeting there.

For Bill and Lois Shank, the church feels like home.

“God’s Love wraps around you like a warm hug,” she said. “I can’t imagine starting the week without God’s word and Pastor Jerry delivers that word with love and a passion for Christ.”

For more information, visit or call (352) 443-5800.

Members of the congregation at Connection Point Church, which formed in August.