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Why are Villagers Republicans?

To the Editor:

I was once a Republican. But, now I am older and the Republicans of my younger days, Eisenhower in my youth, McCain in recent years, are no more. I no longer recognize any of historical Republican principles in today’s elected Republicans. So, I am Independent, like so many others; the most rapidly growing registration in the U.S.
Demographically, the average income in the Villages is $67,000 and the average age is north of 65; a solidly middle-class retired community. Interests of seniors are good healthcare, social security, low crime, security and staying active. The Villages provides many of these needs. But, the Villages are also extremely Republican, voting 70 percent for Trump and vocally anti-Democratic.
Today’s elected Republicans are against many things but these are things they vote for and favor; moving Medicare to private insurance – 40 percent have already transitioned to “Advantage-Part C” programs, which are private insurance companies with co-pays, restricted choice of doctors and hospitals and required pre-permissions for certain procedures or testing. Republicans want to phase out Social Security by moving it to voluntary retirement accounts – a bill to do it failed during the Bush administration, but it is still a goal. They currently plan to means test it, making some recipients ineligible and turning it into a welfare program, if it survives at all. Republicans are in favor of cutting government programs like national parks, support for libraries, and art programs. They are for removing regulations that protect against banking, credit card and mortgage abuses and fraud. They are against programs that keep our water, our air, our food production and pharmaceuticals safe for consumption by our families. The loss of these things will harm seniors and their families.
So, tell me. Why are Villagers Republicans? Everything they want or need for themselves and their families are things elected Republicans plan to take away.

Harold Jamison
Village of Poinciana


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