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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Walkers have a right to enjoy paths without being endangered

To the Editor:

Most of us use the cart paths for getting around in our golf carts. Many of us use the pathways for walking and biking as well. We all have a right to enjoy these paths without the danger associated with speeding carts, unsafe passing, or abuse such as middle fingers given us for simply being out there doing what we enjoy. Just this morning we were walking on a divided portion of pathway with very little place to get over and a driver passed by us at a very high rate of speed followed by his middle finger. This is simply not acceptable action on our pathways. How about a little bit of courtesy out there? What is so important for retired folks that they cannot be respectful of pedestrians. Yes, this means slow way down when encountering pedestrians on the pathways. Or if you can get over to the far side of an open path safely, then do so.
Finally, if you have not done so yet, sign up for a golf cart class as we did when we came to The Villages. It was an eye opener for us and it will help you be a safer Villager while in your golf cart. If you want to drive like a maniac, you better have great insurance because you will probably need it. We could also use much more of a spotlight on this subject from The Villages to make our pathways safe for all.

Arne Nessa
Village of Osceola Hills at Soaring Eagle Preserve


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