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Developer proposes opening three Priority Pools to residents of The Villages

The Developer has proposed opening three Priority Pools to residents of The Villages during the demolition and reconstruction of the Paradise Recreation Center and its family pool.

But there’s a catch.

The Developer would open up the Orange Blossom Hills, Glenview and Lopez country club pools during the anticipated two-year Paradise Recreation Center replacement project. Originally, it had been suggested that the Orange Blossom Hills pool would be the lone pool to be offered, although a Priority Pool member objected to the idea.

The Developer is asking that the Amenity Authority Committee, which oversees amenities north of County Road 466, pick up the cost of maintenance and utilities at the three Priority Pools during the project. It has been estimated that could cost the AAC about $239,000 per year.

AAC Chair Donna Kempa noted that the AAC would be looking at an additional expense of nearly “a half a million dollars” over two years. She said she is also worried about usage.

The Orange Blossom Hills pool is already very popular and heavily used, she said. She’s skeptical that Historic Side residents impacted by the Paradise pool closing would make the trek to Glenview or Lopez. If residents are willing to travel that distance, they might as well visit pools owned by the District, Kempa reasoned.

She suggested that in the beginning there might be a “novelty” to the use of the three country club pools, two of which have hot tubs. She feared the attraction might soon “wear off,” but the AAC would be stuck picking up the tab for maintenance and utiltities.

AAC member Jim Vaccaro said the residents will be getting a new $20 million recreation center and they might have to live with some “inconvenience.”

AAC member Don Deakin seemed the most intrigued by the idea and said residents might enjoy the food and hot tubs at the Priority Pools so much that they sign up to become Priority Pool members.

“It could be a win-win-win,” Deakin said.

The AAC asked Deputy District Manager Carrie Duckett to go back to the Developer and try to negotiate a more attractive price. The matter will likely appear on the AAC’s June agenda.

Kempa noted that if the AAC moved ahead with the idea, the three Priority Pools would be open to all residents of The Villages, not just residents of the Historic Side.

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