Wake up, Hollywood

To the Editor:

Can you imagine if any one had said F…Obama on national television and got a standing ovation. Robert De Niro and the people of Hollywood are out of touch with most people in America.

These limousine liberals think they represent and know what most Americans want. What we want is change and that is why Donald Trump was elected President. And that is what he has given us. Don’t judge him by his tweets. Judge him by what he has accomplished. Here are just some of what he has accomplished in just 16 months.  Took a strong stand with Syria when they used chemical weapons. Imposed new sanctions on Russia. Withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement. Approved Keystone Pipe line. Got NATO countries to pay their fair share. Dealt with the Islamic State. Enacted Historic tax reform. Withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal. Taking a tough stand with our trading partners to get a better deal for American companies. Unemployment at historic lows. Stock market at record highs. Recognizing Jerusalem as capitol of Israel. Historic talks with North Korea. Support of our military. He is not perfect, but you cannot deny what he has accomplished. Wake up, Hollywood.

Julian Angelone
Village of Buttonwood

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