Full-scale demolition taking place at Publix at Spanish Plaines

A full-scale demolition of Publix at Spanish Plaines Plaza in The Villages is taking place.

The demolition of the store will be followed by the construction of a brand-new Publix at the 1566 Bella Cruz Drive location near The Villages Regional Hospital.

The target date for reopening is slated for some time in February. The store shut down at the end of April.

The Publix at Spanish Plaines Plaza is being demolished.

The Publix at Spanish Plaines Plaza is being demolished.

That location had previously been an Albertsons supermarket. In 2008, Publix Super Markets Inc. purchased 49 Albertsons stores in Florida, including the store at Spanish Plaines.

After the purchase, the Publix on Bella Cruz Drive had retained an Albertsons-style interior layout.

There are a total of 1,147 Publix stores in the United States. The bulk of them, 777 stores, are located in Florida. There are seven Publix grocery stores in The Villages.


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    • Len Pittsacado says

      I guess you can’t read either. It will be a new Publix. Seems stupid, I liked it as it was. Now they’ll spend millions and gain very little for the effort.

      • yesi3putt2 says

        that store was originally an Albertsons and laid out totally different than all other Publix stores and my understanding is it created confusion for vendors etc…dunno..

      • Marijane Lanwehr says

        We were told by one of the dept. heads that the judgment was that “there was too much space.” We liked not feeling so pinched as we walked around and down or up the aisleways. We, also, liked it the way it was, but not our decision. Well, just gotta think the new will be nice, too.

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