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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Massive sinkhole opens up at American Legion Post #347 in Lady Lake 

A massive sinkhole opened up late Saturday afternoon at American Legion Post #347 in Lady Lake.

The sinkhole was estimated to be 70 feet across and growing. It is located in a retention basin about 100 yards from the parking area at the American Legion and is visible from County Road 466 and Rolling Acres Road.

A massive sinkhole has opened up at American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake.
A massive sinkhole has opened up at American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake.

Lady Lake police, Lake County sheriff’s deputies and Lady Lake maintenance personnel were all on the scene Saturday night, monitoring the situation.

The sinkhole was located across from Recreation Plantation RV Park.

A sinkhole had swallowed part of a driveway this past Tuesday at a residence at Recreation Plantation. The sinkhole, located at Lot 229, was estimated to be 10 feet-by-10 feet-by 10 feet.


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