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The Villages
Friday, April 19, 2024

Residents forced from their home after sinkholes open up in Village of Pennecamp

A home in the Village of St. Pennecamp has been deemed unsafe for occupancy due to sinkholes which have opened up.

This notice was posted on home located at 2005 Markridge Loop.

The home, located on Markridge Loop, fronts the Jacaranda golf course. Two neighboring houses to the south of the condemned home were also impacted by the sinkholes.

Workmen from Foundation Services, a company which specializes in sinkhole repair, were on the scene. The crew had completed filling in the visible sinkholes and were pumping cement into underground voids which had been detected.

Foundation Services company workers were on the scene filling sinkholes which opened on Markridge Loop.

Nervous residents are also keeping an eye on sinkholes which have recently opened in the Villages of Glenbrook and the Village of Calumet Grove.

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