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The Villages
Monday, May 27, 2024

Pumps moved into the Village of Calumet Grove as sinkholes keep residents on edge

Two pumping units have been put into action in the McLawren Terrace neighborhood of the Village of Calumet Grove. The main drainage pipe, which feeds storm water into the Torrey Pines golf course pond, was disrupted when new sinkholes opened Monday.

Pumps have been put into action on McLawren Terrace.

The neighborhood has been on edge since massive sinkholes first opened in February.

Neighbors expressed concern that water was backing up on nearby streets due to the sinkholes.

The pond located behind the houses where the sinkholes opened Monday was half full of runoff from recent heavy rains. By Tuesday afternoon it appeared that another sinkhole had opened up and again drained the pond.

One resident indicated that a small depression has appeared in his yard but it does not appear to be associated with the nearby sinkholes.

By Tuesday afternoon the pond had been drained again.

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