Sen. Baxley’s plan to hobble direct democracy

To the Editor:

Last November, Florida voters approved 11 out of 12 proposed amendments on the ballot. Among other things, we banned both offshore drilling and the cruel “sport” of dog racing.
Our state senator, Dennis Baxley, is responding to this remarkable display of democracy in action by trying to make it harder to amend our Constitution. His bill (SJR 232) would raise the percentage of “Yes” votes required from 60 percent to 66.67 percent.
The very reason we have direct democracy is to give voters a means to bypass politicians and implement common-sense policies to improve life and liberty in our state. This act of moving the goalposts makes no sense, and is a transparent attempt to transfer power from the people to the special interests.
If this plan passes both the House and Senate, it would go on the ballot in 2020. Let’s make sure it doesn’t get to that. Contact Sen. Baxley and urge him to abandon this proposal.

Ben Douthett
Village of Dunedin