U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and Social Security

To the Editor:

Surprise, surprise. Marco Rubio has thought out of the box with a creative way to support young families without a government hand-out or more government bureaucracy. Dr. David Talcott, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The King’s College (NY) notes that Rubio’s “New Parents Act,” would permit parents to withdraw some Social Security money after a child is born if they agree to delay their Social Security start date as seniors.” This supports young families when they need to be stable financially with less stress.
Talcott further points out, “This policy does not discriminate based on marital or child care arrangements. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, single moms, and married moms would all be able to participate. No network of care facilities, overseen and regulated by the federal government, is brought into existence.”
No hit to the government budget is the real frosting on this cake. Fact are, more couples put off marriage and child-bearing till later 20’s, early 30’s so they’ve been banking Social Security.; and more 60 to 70 year olds are working anyway which keeps them off Social Security longer while adding more to S.S. when they tap it.
Rubio needs to do a lot more significant legislating to prove his worth if his future is not already totally tanked of late. Best of all, this could be opportunity for all sides to play better in the Congressional sand box. Break-through for a win-win could put a better taste in the mouths of non-voters to get them to the polls — particularly the young ones. Hear that politicos?
If anyone supports this thinking, please encourage our Senators Rubio and Scott and our Congressman Dan Webster to introduce this in the House, so they get behind this as a possible icebreaker of the gridlock freeze in both Houses of Congress.

Suzanne Zimmerman
Charlotte in the Lauren Villas